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Parents’ Role after 10th Result

Parents’ Role after 10th Result
May 16
17:36 2019

SSC results are going to be declared very soon. This is the time when parents should show Courage. Parents should make children to sit with them and tell their life experiences from where they came, how they developed themselves, how they started and how many times they have failed, how they took failures in their life and how those failures inspired them to become successful. Parents are the ROLE MODEL for children to whom they see every day. They will be encouraged by knowing the experiences of their HERO’s.

Children should be encouraged to spend time with other elderly members, for example, grandfather and grandmother. Generally, children can open up with their grandparents. Grandparents can also guide them, encourage them, advice them. This will release their stress and make them stronger

Before 10th Class results, Give them a book and ask them to write – what do they want to become? Give them real stories of successful personalities to read. DON’T give them to read many success stories, give them most failure stories to read. It is wonderful to know how failures became successful. Their stories can inspire children.

Make children share their thoughts, problems with you. Sharing problems with the family will remove negative thoughts from the mind If they get stressed, worried, tensed or angry they should share these with you. When people don’t have anyone around them to share their problems, the stress they feel helpless and frustrated

All the parents should take some spare time for their kids at home

First of all, parents should bring out them from shyness.

They can take Worlds to top most people’s examples: people made fun of them, insulted them and did many things against them, these all the reasons Developed them and made them at Top in the world.

If your child is also facing the same, they are also going to become very successful in the future. Be there with them at all times.

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Gampa Nageshwar Rao : The Psychologist and Inspirational Speaker

Gampa Nageshwar Rao : The Psychologist and Inspirational Speaker

The author is a Psychologist and Inspirational Speaker from SBA-HYD

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