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How to implement online learning

How to implement online learning
April 19
15:00 2020

With online tutoring becoming a growing trend, we need to understand the pros and cons of both classroom teaching and online tutoring.
While many educational institutions are going the virtual route, there are few institutions who still realise the benefits of maintaining classroom teaching. Research has proven that classroom teaching not only impacts the students but the teachers.

What is the current technology and issues related in using them?
1.Whatsapp Messaging
Only smartphones are supported, many people still don’t have them.
There is risk, data theft and students’ mobile numbers getting harvested.
It can be annoying sometimes due to constant messages.
Your profile picture is visible to every person having your contact number.

2.Home work through SMS or Website links
Home work through SMS and website links are one sided and there is no guarantee that everyone takes it seriously

3. Zoom and screen sharing
Recently Zoom application is in the news for all varied wrong reasons, security issues, spoofing and hacking attempts.

4.Google Suite for Education etc.
Many schools / Colleges have started using google classroom and YouTube for teaching online and giving assessments etc

  1. Lack of Training and resources
    Education institutes are going about online education as an instant remedy to school lockdown. Teachers are not prepared nor have adequate training to address online teaching. Most of the teachers are trying to replicate the offline classroom online. The preparedness of adequate technical resources, student’s internet bandwidth, availability of Smart phones is the larger issue.

How to go about online training?
Teachers training is the most important factor. Training for technology leverage, choosing the right technology, content and delivery with a vision is must.

Using a Learning Management system with clear goals and deliverables are the key factors for successful online teaching.

A teacher who can be the best in delivering content in a offline session might miss it completely while in online because they are focussing more on technology and presentation rather than content.

A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. The teacher will focus his or her communication on the concepts, key points, examples and exercises that the student needs to learn and practice to perform in the real world.

Using a Learning Management System.
Experts from campusone Education Solutions suggest few key points while taking your classroom online
1. Centralized Learning
2. Training and content creation support for teachers
3. Tracking and Reporting for Enhanced Performance
4. Immediate Capabilities Evaluation
5. Easy Upgradation of Content
6. Simplifying Learning Processes
7. Virtual secure server
8. G-suite for Education with

With a good learning management system, you can effectively manage sign ups/registration, users, students, courses, online content, tutors, supervisors, calendars, hours, groups, access, notifications, communication/messages, certificates and reports. A great advantage and benefit for any educational institution or business.

They offer a Learning Management system which is moodle based integrated with google suite for education with your account.
They integrate and implement G-suite for education with email ids for all students/staff with adequate training to use g-suite and LMS.

You can contact them or email @

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