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Pi Code Club Scratch Competition

July 24
19:30 2023

Pi Code Club in association with First Education News is organizing Online Scratch and HTML Competition.

Scratch is a free, easy-to-use programming tool that addresses 21st-century skills while promoting creativity, problem-solving, reasoning, and collaboration across grade levels and content areas.

To encourage students to learn basic Programming with the help of Scratch, to Improve students’ confidence and feeling of belonging in the computing world. Pi Code Club is organizing Scratch and HTML Competition at different levels. Individuals or groups of students (up to 3 people) can participate in the competition

HTML is simple to edit as plain text. It integrates easily with other languages such as JavaScript, CSS, etc. HTML is that it is easy to code.
2 Days of training will be held by Pi Code Club before the workshop

Interested students can enroll themselves by clicking here

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