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IDEAS CHALLENGE: Science & Technology Literacy for all Indians (SATYA Award Competition)

June 21
22:20 2021

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Carl Sagan, astronomer and scientist.

Recently, we experienced the rapid and devastating spread of Covid-19 disease. Many people died, so many suffered. Yet, many of us still do not have the correct scientific knowledge about the disease. Many carry wrong ideas and spread them unthinkingly leading to further spread of the disease. This is a major problem in our country and this has to be rectified. There will be other epidemics in the future, climate change, water shortage, pollution, agricultural issues and food insecurity and people need to know the underlying science in order to address these problems, adopt and implement solutions. India needs every family and every person to think scientifically. This was always a shortcoming; Covid-19 has underlined the urgency.

Are you ready to meet this challenge? Are you a student? Then, this ideas challenge is for you.

Can you design a science and technology (sci-tech) literacy syllabus. Provide a list of topics that every Indian, from the poorest farmer to the richest businessperson, should know about science and technology? Think from the Indian perspective and help design a “Science and Technology Literacy” (Sci-Tech Literacy) training course syllabus that can be used nation-wide to make all Indians science and technology (sci-tech) literate.

Win prizes, certificates, and the Science and Technology – Youth Advancement (SATYA) Award

Read more about the rationale for this Science & Technology literacy challenge by clicking here

If You are Ready – Go to Registration & Submission Page by clicking here

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