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5 ways of striking the Right Balance for Tech-Savvy Kids

5 ways of striking the Right Balance for Tech-Savvy Kids
August 30
12:30 2023

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where technology exerts substantial influence, it remains vital for conscientious parents and guardians to establish a harmonious equilibrium for their techsavvy children. While the online world offers diverse educational and recreational prospects, its captivating allure and potential pitfalls underscore the need for thoughtful guidance. Achieving a balanced fusion of technological proficiency and appreciation for offline essentials, demands a purposeful and mindful strategy.

In the following sections, we expound upon five wise approaches that, when skilfully implemented, will foster the growth of well-rounded, technologically adept individuals.

1. Charting the Course of Technological Role Modelling:
Children often look up to their role models for inspiration. As parents and caregivers, it’s essential to demonstrate a balanced and responsible approach to technology use. For instance, share stories of influential figures who have achieved success through a balanced approach to technology.

Harshwardhan Zala, at the age of 16, developed a drone-based solution for detecting and defusing landmines in war-torn areas, aiming to save lives and prevent accidents. Harshwardhan’s innovative use of technology demonstrates how young minds can leverage their skills to create impactful solutions that address critical global issues. His
story can inspire children to think creatively about how technology can be used for humanitarian purposes and contribute to a better world.

Malala Yousafzai, the famous activist and Nobel Peace Laureate, utilized technology to advocate for girls’ education and social justice. She used platforms like blogs and social media to raise awareness and create positive change, showcasing how technology can be a powerful tool for making a positive impact on the world.

2. Voyage into Edu-Tech Exploration:
The digital landscape offers a plethora of educational resources and platforms. Collaboratively explore interactive learning apps, educational websites, and online courses tailored to your child’s interests.
If your child loves space, for example, embark on a journey to explore interactive astronomy apps together. Discuss what they’ve learned and connect it to real-life experiences, such as following the journey of Chandrayan  3, stargazing, or visiting a planetarium. This demonstrates how technology can amplify their learning journey.

3. Set Clear Boundaries:
Establishing boundaries around technology use is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance. Collaborate with your child to set rules regarding screen time and device usage during meals. For instance, consider establishing a family tech-free dinner ritual where all members, including parents, place their devices in a designated area. Use this time for meaningful conversations and shared experiences. Make it a rule to keep devices out of bedrooms half an hour before light-off time to ensure restful sleep and encourage bedtime reading.

4. Promote Diverse Activities and Family Tech Time:
Introduce your child to a variety of hobbies and activities beyond screens. If they show interest in painting, create a family art corner, and spend weekends painting together. Attend local workshops or classes, such as dance or cooking lessons, fostering a sense of exploration and camaraderie. Additionally, transform screen time into a family bonding experience.

Select age-appropriate movies, games, or apps that everyone can enjoy together. Use this time to discuss what your children are learning online, share your own experiences, and foster open communication about the digital world.

5. Lead by Example:
Children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults around them. Showcase a balanced tech lifestyle by consciously allocating time for face-to-face interactions, hobbies, and family activities.
For example, when spending time outdoors, leave your phone behind or put it on silent mode to fully engage with nature and your child. Plan family outings where technology is intentionally left at home, like a hiking trip or a picnic. Use this opportunity to connect, play games, and strengthen the bond between family members.
The path to nurturing well-rounded, tech-savvy children is illuminated by a multifaceted strategy rooted in parental involvement. By embracing a holistic approach that encompasses inspiring role models, fostering educational exploration, setting meaningful limits, encouraging diverse offline pursuits, fostering family connections, and demonstrating balanced tech behaviours, parents pave the way for their children to navigate the digital landscape with discernment and skill. This transformative journey underscores the pivotal role of engaged parenting in shaping a future where technology harmoniously complements broader life experiences, fostering growth, connection, and fulfilment.

In this collaborative pursuit, parents will shape technologically adept and grounded children who
confidently embrace the advancing digital age as they grow.

Authored by: Ms. Kiran Meena, Co-Founder & Head of ParentsnKids Network ( and

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