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The Radcliffe Schools Interview with First Education News

The Radcliffe Schools Interview with First Education News
December 30
13:16 2022

First Education News is privileged to cover an up-close interview of ‘The Radcliffe Group of Schools’. Radcliffe Schools are well known CBSE Schools having its branches in Pune, Navi Mumbai and Thane. the school offers premium amenities and a wide range of activities, such as digital classroom, sports events, and special attention to their innovation, wellness, literary and culinary knowledge through all-round club activities. With a curriculum meticulously planned to keep the students ahead of the curve, the programs strengthen students’ command over the English language, boost self-confidence and enhance their interpersonal skills.

The Senior Principal of Radcliffe School, Kharghar, Mrs. Sapna Agarwal spoke with First Education News stating how Radcliffe Group of Schools take initiatives towards academic and holistic development of the students.

The Vice Principal Mrs. Jigna Khoyani, Taloja also highlighted the initiatives taken by Radcliffe for bringing the parents- the first teacher of child in sync wth the educational institute.

First education News is obliged to cover Radcliffe Group of Schools commitment towards Social Responsibility causes and taking it to new heights with their dedicated approach to it, as Mrs. Agarwal quotes “the way forward is everyone coming together, the partners in education, society, parents and the School.”

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