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PDEA’s Eon Gyanankur English School- Mrs.Sunita Rai

January 11
20:11 2023

Mrs.Sunita Rai the principal of PDEA’s Eon Gyanankur English school, venture into the New era of technology and the new year  with positivity and a mission of bringing technology and Cultural values on the same platform.

First Education News(FEN) is honored to share the objectives of Mrs. Sunita Rai on holistic growth of the Children at Eon Gyanankur English School.

‘From Literacy to Computers and Ethics to Morality as quoted by Mrs. Sunita Rai ,the future ahead sure is unpredictable but with good values cultivated in children today, ensures a bright future ahead indeed.

Must add,Eon of positivity and wisdom lies in the motto of PDEA’s eon Gyanankur English School.

Bahujana hitaya bahujana sukhaya  (“welfare of the many, the happiness of the many”)



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