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Life Long Learner /Learning – Just a Name or Need

Life Long Learner /Learning – Just a Name or Need
March 09
12:36 2021

Part II

So what is it that I need to be a lifelong learner?

Am sure this is the next question that comes in your mind. 


As an innocent child I was born,

My mom saw in me a new Dawn

Pure, untouched, unaware, a blank page

A new book, just began to grow and age


Love and hate, laughter and cry

Prejudice and Humility, fail and try

All emotions unknown to me

A big wide world open for me to see


Started making new relations,

People started setting with me their equations

Some came and formed an important part,

Some left a deep mark before they went apart


A holy man taught me spirituality, 

A thief taught me importance of morality

A true friend taught me importance of friendship

My teacher taught me all of my life’s relationships


Each encounter taught me a lesson,

Increasing my knowledge, not lessen

Moral values and Character, religion, colour and culture

Now I know what they mean, in the world that I did venture


Each one I met is a part of my life’s painting

But the canvas of my life is just at its beginning

My encounters moulded my psyche, I do know

Absorbed the right and the good, I let the evil go


My journey is still on; I will learn Lifelong.

The immediate family teaches the child about themselves, but the vocabulary built, the feelings to express and relations to maintain, only a teacher can do that.

Each one of us learn something from our experiences. While we were in school, most of our essays, speeches would be influenced by our life’s experiences. For that matter how we would act with our family, friends, teachers, and people around us was based exactly on how well we like them or relate to them.

So why that is missing now. We as teachers are so involved in completing the portion, ensuring better grades, that the reality is lost. Right below our nose a child is in the same situation that you were once in at that same age and still it is unnoticed.

Let’s began by doing a small thing we used to do. Let’s write down an important learning that you had from a major episode during the week. You can also activate your conscious mode to ensure you try to find a learning from every class you take. Pen it down at the corner of your lesson plan by adding a column as to what I learnt today. I am sure you will find a new learning every single day, every single class you take. At the end of the month, sum up your learnings and see if there has been a major change in you and why not, when you expect your children to do their formative assessments weekly and monthly, why not us. Let’s practice what we preach and ensure that we will learn lifelong to create lifelong learners

Jigna Khoyani

Member- Advisory Committee

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