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Teaching redefined

Teaching redefined
March 30
16:22 2020

This is an unprecedented situation and no one really knows how long it will be before schools reopen. Luckily due to varied internet options available and wide usage of mobiles n smart phones in india learning or increasing ones knowledge is easier and simpler.

Both Microsoft and Google have announced free access to conferencing services which normally have an enterprise subscription rate during the coronavirus crisis. Parents can take advantage of this for individual or group learning as well.

Lots and lots of free resources and tools, games which allow you the learn are easily available. Like child’s play, gcompris and many more for primary students.

Scratch from MIT is also a very interesting tool to make kids to innovate, share, program, create and express by creating stories, games, animation and more. Pi Code Club a company based in Mumbai offers free tutorial on scratch.

Home learning can be challenging and parents do need to take a holistic approach. Peer group can provide lot of information, DIY and share experiences with their wards making learning a fun.

While parents may think they need to run a set timetable, you will need to be flexible to deal with things like blackouts, slow data speeds or a child who is simply not interested in learning today.

For schools who want to reach to their students while in lockdown, Campusone Education Solutions Pvt Ltd a managed service company in India uses a mixture of software to communicate between staff and with the students, including Google Hangouts, Zoom, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams

It could be a time where learning could be transformed allowing children to focus on knowledge, creativity, innovation rather than just exams and assignments .

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