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Campus Journalists Student

Campus Journalist Students are Representative of College Campus who can share activities, news and happenings from their College.

Student Journalist can share the news with First Education News about following things :
1. Campus Activities
2. Events
3. Happenings
4. New Projects in your campus
5. Technological Changes
6. Achievements of students, teachers and institutes
7. Campus Drives etc.

Our Editorial Team will go through the News and publish it on our news portal.

To register as Student Journalist, Click here

 Our Student Journalists

Nikhil Kale
Saraswati Collage of Engineering
Sabir Shaikh
Pranali Chavan
Rugved Alav
Smt. Indira Gandhi college of engineering
Saurabh Bhosale
Smt. Indira Gandhi college of engineering
Aakash Vichare
A.P. Shah Institute of Technology
Pallavi Shettiyar
N.G. acharya & D.K Marathe college
Ajay Mane
N.G. acharya & D.K Marathe college

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