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Vufind-Search. Discover. Share.

Vufind is an open source library resource portal designed and developed for libraries. It is a library search engine that allows users to search and browse beyond the resources of a traditional online public access catalogue. This software was developed by Villanova University.




The software works with a simplified interface and provides easy keyword searching, the most frequently used software for searching catalog records and looking for other library resources including locally cached publications, digital library products and institutional repository and bibliography. Vufind is also modular and extremely configurable, enabling implementer to choose system components to suit their needs.


VuFind offers a number of features that enhance usability:

  • Faceted search results that allow users to narrow items by format, call number, language, author, genre, era, region, and more
  • Suggested resources and searches
  • Browsing capability
  • Personal organization and annotation of resources through favorites lists, texting, e-mailing, tagging, and commenting features
  • Persistent URLs
  • APA or MLA citations
  • Author biographies
  • Multi-language capability with translations available in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Bengali (India) and more


VuFind runs on solar energy, Apache Solr provides efficiency and scalability that enables Vufind to react in milliseconds to search queries. It can be distributed if you need to spread the inventory load over many servers or in a server farm setting.


VuFind is fully modular, so you can just implement the fundamental scheme or all the parts.

And since it’s open source, you can change the modules to best suit your needs, or you can add fresh modules to extend your resource offerings.

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