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NASA Worldwind – Geo 3D

It is an open source virtual globe (three-dimensional 3D software model or earth or other world representation), developed by NASA in 2003. Worldwind is available in two forms in the web version and Android version.

WorldWind monitors weather patterns, visualize cities and terrain, track vehicle movement, analyze geospatial data and educate humanity about the Earth.




Worldwind Android is a NASA-developed 3D virtual globe API for Android that offers a geographic competition with a high-resolution terrain for viewing geographic or geo-located data in 3D or 2D. In this developer, you can customize the terrain of the globe and interact with geographic data and represent a variety of geometric objects.

Web Worldwind helps developer how to show and communicate with information. This software also provide interactive characteristics such as forms and routes, as well as conventional Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) protocols.

This software used for visualizing and hosting geospatial data(data about object, event or phenomena that have a location on the surface of the earth), Worldwind provides a quick and easy tool for 3D globe, map and geographic information visualization, and the Geoserver kit extends the functionality of Geoserver to provide end-to-end geospatial solution.

Woldwind monitors patterns, visualizes cities and terrain, tracks the movement of aircraft, vehicles and ships, analyzes geospatial data, and educates people about the Earth. This software works in windows, mac, linx, web and mobile devices.

Worldwind is SDK (Software Development Kit) this software helps engineers create their own application and also provides geographic rendering engine to power a broad variety of applications from satellite monitoring systems to flight simulators.

This kit is an open source java project which assembles Geoserver for simple distribution and execution. It deals with popular facilities and file formats, including Geopackage

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