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Childsplay-Educational Activities

Childsplay is educational software developed by Zytkiewicz stas for kids aged 3 to 7 years. Free and open source software is accessible for Windows, MaxOs, and GNU / Linux.

It is a suite of educational games for young kids.




Childsplay includes programmers for instructional operations for young kids, this software can be used at home, in kindergartens and per school. Childsplay provides assignments and games for the youngest learners.  It’s fun and saves way to let young kids computer and Simultaneously they can learn maths, alphabet letters, spellings, eye-hand coordination, etc.

It has a plugin scheme, so childsplay is basically a framework in which you put as many game modules as you like. Childsplay comes with a few standard games.


Features provided by childsplay for users and developers are as follow:-


  • Memory – the classic game of memory.
  • Letters – helps children to learn their letters with some very basic spelling.
  • Numbers – put the correct operator between two numbers.
  • SoundNpic – a toy for young children with pictures and sounds.
  • Packid – a pacman game, try to catch the letters.
  • Soundmemory – the classic memory game, with sounds.
  • Fallingletters – type them before they reach the ground.
  • Findsound – listen to a sound and find the image to where it belongs.
  • Findsound2 – same as findsound, but with numbers and letters.
  • Pong – the classic game.
  • Billiard – try to pot the balls.
  • MultiTables – learn the multiplication tables.
  • Puzzle – recreate the image.
  • LetterFlashcard – learn the alphabet by listening to words and initials.

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