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Tweak Draft Norms of UGC

May 23
14:44 2022

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to tweak the draft regulations which, once approved, will define the learning outcomes associated with each level of qualification in higher education and enable the transfer of credits between institutions and courses.

Put simply, the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (NHEQF), which is being revised, defines what a learner is expected to know upon completion of a course, ranging from certificate programs to PhDs.

Now student’s credits can be interchanged between institutional and courses according to “Tweak Draft Norms”

It means that NSQF credit will be considered till higher education. It encourages pullout students’ extraordinary talents
and skills students as well as increases a person’s learning ability.

However, the above is not in tune with the NSQF in which the levels are organized from 4.5 to 8. Since UGC’s draft NHEQF has levels from 5 to 10 as explained above,
it will create operational problems for the vertical and horizontal mobility of learning by prescribing the entry requirement for each qualification. because of the minimum credits student need to earn in order to clear a course and move to the next level. it is necessary to student focus on their extraordinary skill in their study.

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