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Auto rickshaw driver’s son cracks NEET

Auto rickshaw driver’s son cracks NEET
November 11
10:24 2021

Thanks to the Zindagi Foundation NGO, Murshid Khan, the son of an auto-rickshaw driver from Bhubaneshwar, was able to pass NEET on his fourth attempt.

Zindagi Foundation, an NGO based in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, has helped 18 students pass NEET-UG 2021, following in the footsteps of Anand Kumar’s Super-30. There are children of a landless farmer, a milk vendor, a rickshaw puller, and a weaver’s daughter among these students.

At the Qazi Mahal in Bhadrak, auto-rickshaw driver Mairaj Khan had been waiting for a moment like this for the past four years. Murshid Khan, his son, made him proud bypassing the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET graduation) and pursuing a career in medicine.

Murshid received a national rank of 15,239 in NEET, which was announced on Monday. It was his fourth go-around. He became the first student in his neighborhood to pass the prestigious competitive exam as a result of his success.

Murshid, the son of an auto-rickshaw driver, scored 610 on the NEET entrance exam.

Khan comes from a poor family, and his father makes a living as an auto-rickshaw driver.

“Our dream of making my son a doctor was shattered after my accident in 2007,” Murshid’s father, Mairaj Khan, told Aaj Tak. “My elder son is working hard to make his brother a doctor.”

“We would like to thank Ajay Bahadur Singh for helping him in every way to make him a doctor, without his help my son would not have achieved this success and would not have fulfilled our dreams,” he added.

According to Murshid, who spoke to Aaj Tak, “I come from a poor family, and my family has always wished for me to become a doctor. I attended an Odia medium school in the village. I would not have been able to do this without the help of Zindagi Foundation and Ajay Bahadur Singh sir.”

Zindagi Foundation is a non-profit organization.
Thanks to educationist Ajay Bahadur Singh, the Zindagi Foundation Charitable Trust in Bhubaneswar has aided many students in their studies.

Through an examination, this trust selects the most deserving underprivileged students in Odisha. Following that, the NGO provides them with free food, lodging, and coaching.

The goal of this trust is to help needy students from underserved areas of society realize their dreams of becoming doctors.

Zindagi Foundation was founded in 2017 by Ajay Bahadur Singh, who was unable to pursue an expensive medical education due to his family’s financial hardship.

In 2018, 18 Zindagi Foundation students passed the NEET exam. In 2019, 14 students passed the NEET entrance exam, and 19 students passed it in 2020.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ajay Singh told Aaj Tak that it was difficult to conduct physical classes most of the time.

“We did not, however, let the students’ spirits down during Covid. We procured smartphones for those individuals.

Other students who passed NEET with the help of the NGO
Subhash Chandra Behera, the son of a milk vendor, was one of the other Zindagi Foundation students who passed NEET with a score of 595.

Shivani Meher, another institute student, scored 577 on the NEET. Shivani’s father used to work as a weaver in the village to support the family.

Shivani remarked, “Because of my parent’s financial situation, I could never imagine becoming a doctor. I now have the opportunity to pursue my dreams thanks to Ajay sir.”

Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30, has made several visits to Zindagi Foundation to inspire students.

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