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‘PSEB’s Mission 100% will ruin state’s education system’ – Times of India

May 20
15:53 2021

Principal and teachers of various private schools in the district have said that they were disappointed with the way Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) produced 99.9% Class X result. Speaking with the TOI, heads of various schools and associations said that mission 100% of the education department was useless and would ruin the education system of the state to the core.

The vice-president of Joint Action Front, Punjab, Thakur Anand Singh, said, “There are many students who did not take their pre-board exams due to various reasons like limited internet access, Covid-19, and travelling to native places. How can PSEB declare a 99.9% result. This showcases failure of the education system.”

An executive member of PSEB and CBSE associated schools and the owner of a school at Samrala Chowk, J B Bhatt said, “I am shocked that students who do not know how to write properly are getting full marks. Even the students who cannot write their names have been promoted. Nobody from the education department is bothered about the future of the next generation. The policies to just promote the students is not good for our education system. PSEB should have been strict to make the students realise the value of board exams. There is a dire need to alter the education system by deploying efficient officials at the helm.”

The president of Punjab Private School Organisation and the owner of a school at Humbran Road, S K Chawla, said, “Weakest students are scoring highest marks. The education department should be ashamed. Mission 100% is just a mere cover up by the education authorities to fudge literacy rate in the state. They are lowering the standards of the education. It is only the students who will suffer at last.”

Meanwhile, district education officer (secondary) Lakvir Singh Samra said, “There is a difference between pass percentage and clearing the percentage slab. The 99.9% students who have passed in the district fall under different percentage groups”

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