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How to keep my School safe from Covid-19?

October 13
11:44 2021

Schools have reopened. But, the threat of Covid-19 is still around. One question uppermost in the minds of principals, teachers, school management and parents is: How do I keep my school, children and staff safe from Covid-19? Children and teachers are stressed, worried about safety from Covid-19. Most people know the behaviors but forget to execute the behavior and then feel worried. How do we ensure we perform the behavior all the time, make it a habit?  Children also need a period of psychological adjustment since they are returning to school and crowded space after an extended and forced break.

To help you navigate this new normal of operating schools in the era of Covid-19, First-Education News will connect you to relevant and recent information & education on protection or conduct sessions with well-known experts throughout the months of October and November.

FIRST SESSION: 15th October (Friday – 5:30 pm – HAND-WASHING WITH SOAP.

You-tube (Live session)

Click on the You-tube link here  (Join on 15th October at 5:30 pm) (Register here for reminders)

This session will give you a better understanding of how hand-washing with soap protects children and school staff from Covid-19 and various infections and germs. This session will also give you tools to teach and remind students and staff to wash hands regularly.

SECOND SESSION: (Date to be announced- you will get a reminder link).

Medical specialists and experts from Powai Medicos Association, Mumbai will take you through specific steps to keep your school safe from Covid-19. Special focus on children and homes.

THIRD SESSION: (Date to be announced – you will get a reminder link):

Medical experts from Navnath Health care, Mumbai will discuss the health risks for teachers and principals. How can adults stay safe and what to do in case of problems?

FOURTH SESSION: (Date to be announced – you will get a reminder link):

Medical, psychology, and behavior science experts will discuss how to handle the psychological issues associated with the new-normal and stress of Covid-19?

FIFTH SESSION: (Date to be announced – you will get a reminder link):

Covid-19 and safety protocols in the school also allows our children to build character. How to take care of others; how to engage in responsible behaviors to keep others safe. Think of others and take care of others. We only teach our children to be competitive; but, we forget that COOPERATION has helped the human species survive and thrive. Covid-19 pandemic has provided us another opportunity to develop the bond of cooperation with each other and build empathy. Doctors, Behavior science and Education experts will discuss how to use the Covid-19 experience to enable our children to grow and become better human beings?

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