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Even though the COVID-19 situation was not welcome, it has opened new avenues” – Dr. James T. Joseph

May 28
23:13 2021

Dr James T. Joseph, Principal of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum spoke with First Education News on “Technology Transformation in the year 2020”.

Sarvodaya Vidyalaya is one of the famous Schools in Trivandrum, having the motto, “Let there be Light”.
Dr. James T. Joseph took the charge of Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum on June 1st 2020, when there was a big challenge as the schools were closed due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

To keep the teaching Learning process ongoing, he introduced Cisco Webex platform for online classes.
At the beginning, due to the connectivity and device related issues, all the students were not able to attend the live classes every day. Hence, they recorded each and every class and uploaded in the Students Portal, which was developed by their Computer Department, wherein students were given login facilities to view the classes. All these were made easy by creating G-suite email ids for all the students, under the school domain, through which Google facilities like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Classrooms, etc. were accessed. Marking daily attendance, giving activities etc. were also done through this student portal.

Dr. James T. Joseph believes that the technology implementation in COVID 19 pandemic will be having long lasting impact as the teachers, students as well as parents have become adapted with this new way of teaching-learning process.

” Discussions are going on among educationalists about the type of education during the post pandemic period. Though some are of opinion that adopting to online method is a means of ‘going green’ by saving energy in addition to time, others propose a blended form of learning which combines the best of online and offline classes” He said.

In future he will try to adopt the different technologies for teaching and learning from time to time. He will also focus on giving more training to teachers in IT and digital fields.

Dr. Joseph says, “Even though the COVID-19 situation was not welcome, it has opened new avenues in the field of education, which we should consider as an advantage and opportunity, to transform our students into a future-ready generation”.

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