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Students of Whistling Woods International Captivate Audience through Street Play to Raise Awareness around Suicide Prevention

In an endeavor to create a positive impact on ‘World Suicide Prevention Day’, Whistling Woods International in association with Mpower planned a specially curated street play experience to raise
awareness around suicide prevention. The students of WWI performed at the Churchgate Station which created an impact, driving home the message around mental health’s co-relation with the unfortunate act of suicide.
The scripted play, created and enacted by the students of WWI, upheld the various facets of the act of suicide, its prevention, and its subsequent impact on the youth. The play was aimed to decondemn mental health, create awareness among people to value human life, and extend support to the ones who are suffering.
Ms. Meghna Ghai Puri, President of the Institute shared, "Our association with Mpower is a conscious step towards bringing a positive change in the way mental health and well-being are perceived. The stigma around mental health will only diminish with consistent and conscientious efforts to raise awareness. Through this association, we hope to promote honest conversations around mental health and well-being through a series of plays curated by Whistling Woods International. We aim to do our bit in creating an ecosystem, where people don't hesitate to seek help for leading a life full of positive self- worth.;

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