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A Career In Stock Market – As A Stock Merchant

June 17
13:28 2019

If you are interested in finance and think it might be your bag to manage other people’s money, then you might be cut  to become a stockbroker. It’s not simple to become such an investment adviser, and the process can sometimes be quite intense and stressful. Many people who come out of college still want to enter the ranks. Many individuals have questions and need more understanding into this fascinating profession, which now offers more alternatives than before. Career as Stock Broker is an exciting career option that involves quite a lot of challenges.

What is Stock Broker

A stock broker acts as an officer on behalf of their shareholders doing stock trading. They are also referred to as a sales agent for securities or securities and commodities.

Broker provides the client with useful service and data and assists them in buying and selling stocks and at what prices. He charges a premium and commission on the inventory market for his services.

The market has three types of stockbrokers: discount brokers, bank brokers, and full-service brokers. Also, Stock Broker guarantees that their stock trading company will also make maximum long-term profit.

 Duties :
  • Research the financial markets
  • Report to the clients
  • Monitor the clients’ investments
  • Consult investment analysts
  • Pitch for new clients
  • Candidate has to qualify their 12th degree
  • Candidate with economics, commerce, business and finance qualification can enter in this profession.
  • Patience & Confident
  • logical thinking 
  • ability to solve complicated issues
  • good communication skills
  • good mathematical skills
  • An ability to simply explain complex ideas without being condescending

While courses and seminars are provided to enhance the capacity to communicate and sell, that takes time and money.Therefore, if you already have these abilities before joining the field, it is generally best.


Certificate Courses:
  • NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets
  • NSE’s Certified Market Professional
  • Certificate Programme on Capital Markets
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fundamentals of Capital Market Development
Degree Courses:
  • Bachelor Degree in Finance/ Mathematics/Accounting/ Economics/ Business Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)
Master Courses:
  • Master of Business Administration(MBA) in Finance
  • Master of Commerce (M. Com)
Job profile where you will get job:
  • Financial Advisers
  • Investment Advisor
  • Capital Market Specialists
  • Independent Agent
  • Accountants
  • Securities Analyst
  • Financial Managers
  • Security Traders
  • Security Sales Representative
  • Securities Broker
Job Areas where you can work:
  • Broking firms
  • Large Businesses
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment banks
  • Pension funds
  • Traditional banks dealing with broking firm
  •  Magazines and Newspapers
  • Investment consultancies
  • Foundations
  • Mutual funds
  • Other financial institutions
  • Research

The broker’s salary depends on their qualification and performance. The starting salary of the stock broker is between Rs 2 to 3 lakh per annum, after experience there will be a salary hike up to RS 5 to 7 lakh per annum or more. Some brokerage firms also pay performance-based bonuses in addition to the salary.

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